A listed IP Voice Network Operator had outgrown their current SBC infrastructure and required a solution that would effectively scale and offer transrating capabilities to meet the demands of their rapidly growing voice network.

The Problem

To meet the demands of a growing network the operator was faced with the predicament of adding additional SBC equipment into their network to service particular traffic routes, which added greater complexity in managing the network or implementing new SBC equipment that would allow for growth and meet the requirement of 60 milli-second packteizaiton timer imposed by some of it’s interconnect partners, which is unique to the South African Service Provider market and for which there was no existing solution from leading SBC vendors . The operator looked to PerfectWorx Consulting to deploy a solution that would address their rigorous demands.

Key Project Objectives:

  •  Provide a scalable solution that would ensure cost effective growth path for the foreseeable future
  • Implement a solution that would address the 60 milli-second packetization with the least amount of complexity
  • Project manage the migration of all existing interconnect links to new hardware with zero impact to network operations

The Solution

Based on current and predicted future traffic volumes PerfectWorx Consulting identified the Sonus 5110 SBC model as the right fit for the operators network and budget. The Sonus SBC 5110 is positioned to addresses the high session requirements of medium-to-large enterprises and regional service providers in an all-IP multimedia environment. The SBC 5110 platform (supporting up to 10,000 sessions) provides the industry-leading capabilities of: robust security, unparalleled scalability, flexible SIP session routing and interoperability to meet the needs of the most demanding of enterprises and service providers. In conjunction with Sonus R&D teams PerfectWorx tested software specifically written for our requirements over a 3 month period before beta release.

Once the software was confirmed to be stable for production traffic PerfectWorx Engineers planned and executed the seamless cutover of all peering links from the customers old SBC infrastructure to a High- Availability cluster of Sonus 5110 SBC’s with zero disruption to the operators operations.

Solution Summary

The implementation of the Sonus 5110 SBC solution addressed the customers key requirements:

  • A highly secure voice network with the capacity to significantly grow sessions without the need to implement additional hardware
  • Integrated transrating functionality to address the 60ms packetization timer unique to the South African telecommunications market.
  • Seamlessly cutting over to the new SBC equipment without affecting round the clock operations.