A South African data service provider wished to expand their portfolio of data services by offering mobile data packages to their existing customers. PerfectWorx was commissioned to implement the APN solution in conjunction with Telkom Mobile.

Key Project requirements: 

  • The customer wished to handle all authentication and IP address allocation of subscribers with their existing radius service
  • The customer required the ability to offer both capped and uncapped services on the mobile APN solution
  • The customer wished to control the internet break out for customers ranging from no internet, access only services to high speed broadband internet packages

Project Delivery:

Project delivery was broken down into 3 district areas:

Network design and commissioning – redundant cross connects over Metro Ethernet were commissioned between the customer datacenter and the Telkom Mobile network.  In core routing was designed to deal with internet breakout and access only services.

Radius integration – in conjunction with Telkom Mobile APN team, Perfectworx configured the customer radius environment to authenticate and issue IP addressing per subscriber. Subscriber accounting and disconnect were also implemented to ensure full control over APN subscribers.

Product development and implementation – together with the customers product development team, Perfectworx developed  and configured APN packages that are controlled on the radius environment.

Post Implementation:

As part of the post implemented process Perfectworx provided the customer with solution diagrams and user training for the customers network and provisioning teams respectively. Perfectworx has also implemented network monitoring solution that warns of any link failures and capacity thresholds ensuring that the APN solution performs optimally at all times.